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Wicker Baskets

We love natural products. And what is more natural than wicker? Wicker baskets have been around for centuries. Their time honored design is perfect! and fun. Check us out for more !


wicker laundry baskets

We love wicker laundry baskets, as well as wicker baskets with lids. As well as this we also have wicker trays, food wicker baskets. It’s crazy!

Using wicker, and time tested methods of basket weaving you can get anything made from wicker. We love these baskets, as they are much better for the environment than plastic, and are long lasting. Why change the old methods? 

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wicker tray
bread wicker basket
plants in wicker basket

eco positive

wicker bassinets

We love white wicker bassinets, wicker bassinets. Because they are so classic and timeless! As well as this we also do wicker bike baskets, round wicker baskets and more. There are really very few limits that wicker has. It is highly durable and versatile as a material.

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From everything to wicker basket picnic sets, as well as wicker bassinet and more. They are so exciting and interesting. White wicker baskets, and wicker baby baskets. We also have tall wicker basket with lids and elephant wicker basket. 

We love the freedom and the ability to store them. 


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