How to decorate a wicker basket with ribbon?

bike wicker basket

How to clean a wicker basket?

These baskets are notoriously difficult to clean. Ever been left wondering How to clean wicker basket? This is a job that many people leave and the problems can mount up and get worse. How to clean a wicker basket that smells like mildew is an issue that we must face up to, in order to create a hygienic environment (especially if you are working with food)

The answer is simple. 

How to clean old wicker basket?

You will need:

  • detergent
  • Cloth 
  • A bucket with fresh water. 


Empty the basket of its contents

Spray the detergent onto the basket. It would help if you had a way to spray detergent and warm water mixture. 

Use a damp cloth to sponge off the detergent and liquid

This is where you must be careful not to get the basket too wet. Because it is a porous material and a natural material it can get water damage if it gets too wet. So make sure it is just damp. 

Wipe with a dry cloth/ air dry. 

You have a perfectly new basket. Good to go!

How to wash a wicker basket?

This is the same. Do not soak the basket in water, it will make it get mouldy and damage the product. 

How to decorate a wicker basket?

wicker baskets with straps
wicker baskets with straps

There are many ways how to decorate these wonderful baskets. You may be wondering how to decorate a wicker basket with ribbon? This is very simple!

How to  decorate a wicker basket with ribbon?

Tying a beautiful bow on ribbon can really finish it off into something beautiful. 

You may also be wondering 

How to decorate a wicker basket for a baby shower?

In this case you may want baby pink blue or green ribbon for that baby effect. This way you can also generate ideas on how to decorate a wicker baby basket. These amazing baskets can also be used for how to decorate wicker baskets as birthday tissue paper inside.

How to paint a wicker basket

Spray paint wicker basket is the way to go if you want an even look and a more genuine looking piece. It gets an even spread all over the basket, and makes it look fantastic.

For this you will need to pick our wicker basket paint colour. Many people like white, as it looks clean, fresh and can give the basket new life if it is looking lifeless or damaged. 

Let us look at:

How to paint a wicker basket white?

  • First make sure to clean the wicker basket. 
  • After you have done this make sure to prime the basket with some surface primer
  • Once you have done this make sure you have a dust mask and eye protection and use your spray paint preferably outdoors and evenly spray the basket. This will get amazing results!

Where does the word wicker come from?

Wicker is said to originate from the scandinavian word “vika”which means to blend. This obviously refers to the blending and weaving of the wood.

How to make wicker basket?

Ever wondered how to make a wicker basket? We have the info for you! Things wicker laundry baskets are super useful but can be a pain to transport and carry.

wicker tray
wicker tray

 This is why making one could be the answer for you. There are so many styles of wicker basket to choose from. Including styles, colours and more. Here are a few of the styles that are available to you:

  • Wicker bike basket
  • Wicker waste basket
  • Wicker basket storage unit
  • Wicker laundry basket with lid
  • Wicker basket drawer
  • Small wicker basket with handle

So now you know some of the styles. Let’s learn: 

How to make a wicker basket step by step?

Source the willow

Wicker willow can be hard to source. You need to know how to identify it and harvest it in a way that will get you the best crop, and not damage the tree. 

What kind of willow tree is traditional for wicker?

Wickerwork has been carried out for centuries but the actual willow tree is native to china. It is more shrub like than the regular willow trees we are used to seeing in the UK or america. Which also means it is faster growing too, and means it is sustainable. Willow grows in the Autumn and can be harvested around this time. It is grown in many places in the northern hemisphere, including china and provides many people with jobs. 

What is autumn willow?

Autumn willow is very strong and flexible. As well as this it is durable and of course, as the name may suggest, is harvested in the autumn.  

What is willow wicker?

This is very bendy, durable, new wood that is easy to weave, as well as mold to the style of basket you want. Then onto the next step: Preparing the willow.

How to dry willow?

Soak the willow. You will need to soak it per foot approximately 1 day. So 5 feet would equate to 5 days. Soak the willow in water. 

After you have done this you can begin to weave the basket. 

How to weave a wicker basket?

First you need to make the wicker slath base. This will be the bottom of the basket. Start by making a hole in the center of the small piece of wicker and slot the other piece in. Then do the same with the next arm. Here you will start working up a rhythm and begin to weave at your own pace. Once you have done this you can also learn how to tie the liner in a two sided wicker laundry basket.

Once you have started the pairing weave, keep splicing in new weavers. It is very time consuming , but the results are worth it in the end! If this is not for you. You may want to move on to something else. 

How to cover a wicker basket with fabric?

First make a guide out of paper to see what size you should cut the fabric. Do this by putting a sheet of paper in the basket and drawing around it. 


Then cut your fabric slightly larger than this guide. This will be perfect as it will give you some spare material if anything goes wrong. 

How to line wicker basket with cloth?

Next you need to fold the edges over the basket. Some people like to elasticate the edges that show so they are easier to take out for washing purposes. 

How to make a wicker basket liner?

You can make them with cloth as seen above, or even with plastic! It’s up to you but the choices are there, basket liners can save a lot of washing and hassle from your daily life, they also look chic.

This will create a beautiful covered wicker basket!

Check out for more.

How to line a wicker basket for planting

To line a basket for planting it has to be waterproof, so your plants get water and the essential things they need to survive. You will need a plastic liner, and glue . you need to make sure you cut the plastic to the size of the basket, and then fix it in place. 

How to line wicker basket for annuals

Once you have done this make sure you have good drainage in the bottom, do this by adding gravel  or rocks in the bottom before the soil.

You can also add moss to the basket to give it better vibes, and make it look better.

How to arrange flowers in a hanging wire & wicker wall basket

This will improve your wall to no end. Check out my next article for how to arrange flowers and more. The thing to remember is that symmetry is not your friend when it comes to flower arranging. As well as this your need colour harmony, and height variation.